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Becoming a better leader is not done alone. Leadmore is a community for growing leaders to share their experiences, build an all-star network, and access problem-solving resources around the topic of leadership.

From founders to managers to aspiring leaders.

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Who is the Leadmore Community for?

No matter where you are on your leadership journey, we all need a shoulder to lean on. Whether you currently lead a team or want to someday, the Leadmore Community is the group for you.

You'll be joining a group of CEOs, founders, managers, HR experts, sales pros, designers, marketers, and more from small teams to companies of 25,000+.

Leadmore is founded by John T. Meyer, founder and CEO of Lemonly, whose mission is to inspire the next generation of leaders.

John T. Meyer discuss leadership

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John T. Meyer discuss leadership

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I believe the world needs more leaders. It's my mission to help create more of them. Thanks for joining me!
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